Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tattered Holiday: Retreat Style

So many people who see the varied styles we present in our show booths ask us what our home decor is like.... Well, our business has quite literally grown out of our practices of thriftiness, recycling-reusing-restyling, and the constant rearrangement of furnishings & accessories that I tend to do. ;0) I love decorating seasonally, changing rooms around to fit how we use them at different times of the year.

You might guess that our Holiday decorating is not exactly 'normal'.
Every year, it's a new theme with a new color palette. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of ornaments and ribbons and accoutrements for the Season, and every year I combine different elements to create a whole new look. (Our kids can not remember ever having the same Christmas tree twice.) I like to play with new ideas, what can I say?! In my other life as a retail visual designer/display stylist, I am constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts for my clients, so home is just one big design lab for me.

A few years ago, our previous home's Holiday decor was my version of a 'Tattered & Torn' look, inspired by Deb Dusenberry at the Curious Sofa and Carol Hicks Bolton of Homestead. (My travels to see my daughter in Texas have helped, too!) Lots of warmth in ivory/cream/brown/copper tones, elegance & sparkle with crystals and silver serveware, texture in burlap/ torn muslin/velvet and natural elements all combine to create a look that is new & old at the same time....

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