Sunday, November 8, 2009

Retreat on the Road...

Oh yes, we did.

But I can't start there.....
I have to start by telling you that Bob's Dad is home from the hospital, doing MUCH better than expected, and Bob has set up a home nurse and physical therapist to visit so that he continues to receive excellent care - and so that Mom isn't having to do more than she can. Out look is currently positive, and we will be setting up our schedule to return to SoCal every other month for a few days to check up on them. Thank you all SO much for your thoughts and prayers for Bob and his family..... you just don't know how very much we appreciate it.

OK, so, we left Bob's Mom & Dad's in the desert Saturday, and went to MY Mom & Dad's in Orange County. My darling sister Stacy and brother Scott came for dinner, and we had a great visit. I even got to enjoy the company of my niece Hannah! We spent the night, and then this morning headed out.... and along the way, we decided to stop at the Rose Bowl Flea. I mean, it's there, we're here.... it's just physically impossible to drive by it on the 210 without stopping. 
Trust me. ;0) Here's why:

See what I mean? Oh, and you just run into the most interesting people...
We spotted Jenny Doh and Heather Bullard when we walked in the gate at noon, gathering with their gals for the Brocante Flea Event. Check out Heathers Blog for info on that. I went over to say hi and Heather was pretty immersed with the other gals, so a quick hello had to suffice. By the time I looked up from our short conversation, Jenny was nowhere to be seen.... off in search of another treasure, no doubt!

We turned a corner and there was DeWayne Lumpkin, of Home Economics in Eugene, Oregon. He was our neighbor at the Funky Junk Show last month, just sellin' away in Pasadena! (He did NOT want his photo taken!!!) Nice to chat with him.... We also ran into the Olde Good Stuff guys - they have always been so generous with their products at gift shows, allowing me to use them in my stage displays when I speak about visual merchandising & display.

Then it was into the truck and onto the freeway heading north. It's a LONG drive from Pasadena to Seattle.... we are still en route as I write this, and are looking forward to being home soon. Even tho we'll miss being barefoot and in shorts. ;0)

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