Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kurisu japanese design garden


design garden in japanese is very simple design,this its very beautifully garden in your home.

Counting Blessings

C'est la vie

As the year comes to a close we have the opportunity to take a moment and reflect on our blessings. I count you, my readers, as a huge blessing in my life. Thank you!!! Willow Decor is labor of love and my sincere thanks for reading, and sharing your comments. I never imagined when I started writing this blog it would reach so many readers in so many countries. Your emails, comments and questions inspire me to be better each day. Wishing you all the best for the Holiday Season! I look forward to continuing the journey with you into 2009!



Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interior Concrete Floor

Interior Concrete Floor

Custom concrete floor design - scalloped border with Texas Star. Concrete flooring by Texas Etch & Score of Marble Falls, Texas

Custom designs for finished concrete floors. Scoring and staining techniques by Texas Etch & Score of Marble Falls, Texas.

Concrete Score Design: Custom Border with Texas Star

Concrete Acid Etch Stain:

Kemiko Colors: Cola, Black and Golden Wheat
Finish: Solvent Base Acrylic

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Inspiration Strikes!

Here we are in San Antonio Texas, after a butt-numbing three day drive from Washington. (Through snow and ice and white-out conditions and loooong stretches of road with nothing but road to look at....) But through all those miles, we talked and schemed and planned, and been inspired by things we've seen along the way.
So now we are shopping for goodies to include in our booth at the Farm Chicks show in June. (Yes, half a year ahead!) We are really excited about what we've got planned for you. Ok, OK , I know you want a hint...There will definitely be a bit of Western flavor in our theme, with our own imaginative touches, of course!
OK...back to baby cuddlin'. This lil' grandson is in for some serious grammy time!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Door Design Garage

We are pleased to announce our new custom line of garage doors. Ranging from simple elegance to meticulous in design, our hand-crafted custom garage doors are ideal for homeowners discriminate in their taste toward the exterior beauty of their home. With our collection of custom wood and Carriage-Style garage doors, you can select from a gamut of domestic and exotic woods, which we import from around the world and build to your specifications. Garages are turning into much more than the unsightly, utilitarian place to store cars and lawnmowers. They are becoming the final frontier of the organized home, the new luxury space to be remodeled into a warm and inviting room.

Modern door entri

one design element that can add glamour to a luxury home. What a great idea to have a conversation starter right at the front door - the curved door itself, such as those created by Dynamic Architectural Windows and Doors. he Crystal clear glass is stunning views with curved sliding and adapting from advanced European door hardware technology to suit American homes. It is strong doors with multi-locking system.

Modern Door design

The modern door design at the office building in Berlin Germany door design ,the designer choose green for a main color and shaped in circle, really have a futuristic look at your home. Many home owners find themselves renovating classic houses and trying to achieve that balance where old styling is combined with general living updating. As one who appreciates architecture, I can see where the preservation of the original design is important. An important element of any house design is the front door.

Door Disign Minimalis

An opening in your wall without the sliding doors. Your inside become the outside in one continuous space. You can entertain without interruption and your views become vistas. No fixed glass panels and no mullions or post. Just wide open space.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dinning Room Your Home

many options for dining at home anda.yang important not to choose one.

Bathroom Accessories your home

Accessories include tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet roll holder, toilet brush with holder, together with a towel holder, all are designed to match with distinguishing Y-shape wall hooks.The accessories include the tumbler, support of brush with teeth, liquid soap dispenser, soap dish, the support of toilet paper roller, brushes toilet with the support, as well as a support of towel, all are designed to match with distinguishing from the hooks of wall of There-form.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bathroom Design

The bathroom was recently invested in the design bathroom 3D newest the system. With the design of our bathroom just our software could help you to make your bathroom the dream, anything that you space and the budget. The design of our specialist's bathroom will like to discuss your idea for you who were new the bathroom, with the design and the layout that you will work. All showed off we now offer the design service of the bathroom.

We could in fact come to the house to measure up! And from all betted, the design of our bathroom was the free service. The Anda call was closest the bathroom shows off today, and left us alone, the experts in the design of the bathroom took stress from drafting you just the bathroom. Bathroom showers, toilets, and sinks account for approximately 75% of the water used in each American home. It is important for all of us to do moreto save water, both to protect our world’s natural resources and to lower the economic impact of wasteful water usage.

Interior Design Modern Kitchen

Interior Design on Handmade Modern KitchenInterior Design on kitchen is one of interior design trends as a best house, we can see this best kitchen design that redesigned on handmade, completed with all handmade furniture include the table, chairs, washing basin, master table and cabinets. With this design, the kitchen looks more elegant but didn't removed the sense of originally. This kitchen was a redesigned model from another kitchen design.one of room design remodeling manufacturer,

Design exterior and Interior

Does each architect want to increase their design exterior with the usual manner or little commune of obtain a new design, on this image which we can see a design at the single and creative modern house, why? because the use of design a common model and a material not very. Mokch, the originator indicated that to conceive is like a prayer, it known all about conceiving rules, this time, it had experience to establish its own house, by combining its experiments, science and its dream.

This is the Images And Exemple design Exterior!!

Design Interior and exterior

Interior This is Very Comfort for Your Home!!!
Large as in the commercial design industry is a business opportunity that is beneficial to create the environment through the improvement and we must try and continue to develop ideas to attract the second method of interior and exterior design.

This is Photos and images Interior Disign!!!

Does each architect want to increase their design with the usual manner or little commune of obtain a new design, on this image which we can see a design at the single and creative modern house, why? because the use of design a common model and a material not very. Mokch, the originator indicated that to conceive is like a prayer, it known all about conceiving rules, this time, it had experience to establish its own house, by combining its experiments, science and its dream.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interior House 2009 Beautifully

Discuss with our interior designer, what-what goods will be used at home is new, later the designer will provide input; positioned specifically whether (other areas), or combined with the new accessories to be more harmonious.

Another way that is more extreme? because we want to show the new, find accessories that fit the theme of our home, yet it semahal2nya accessories, still more important value of the house overall is not it?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Decorating in White

Martha Stewart

Why do we love using white for the holidays? Perhaps its the way it sets off the table setting or the tree, or decorations in such a way that makes everything look fresh and magical. Here are some of my favorite holiday decorated rooms. Some of these photos I have been saving for years and may not remember where they came from. If you recognize any as your own please let me know so I can give credit to these wonderful images.

Above, an entry way with fresh greenery and a moss wreath. Cast iron urns and small trees add to the wonderful mix of textures.

Min Lilla Veranda
A small tree decorated in the traditional Scandinavian style with real lighted clip on candles. Windows adorned with fresh greenery and a gingerbread house on the counter. I love the warmth and simplicity of this room.

What a beautiful dining room! I love the small flowers at each place setting. I also like the way the three trees, only adorned with white lights, bring your eye out of the room. They add a simplicity to the what could be a very formal and fussy space.

Perfect for a cozy holiday breakfast. Just the right amount of decorations. Notice the pine-cones and fresh greenery. This is a simple look to duplicate in your own home. All you need is a white tablecloth, a linen topper and them some items found in your back yard. Don't forget the candles!
Marie Claire Maison
Austere, but very chic. Not necessarily something I would choose but I like the interesting tree and the how it adds so much texture to the room.

Another more modern look, but also lovely and elegant. The wonderful chandeliers add drama. I especially love the angels.
I have had this picture so long and I absolutely love it. Is it the black server, the linen, the wreath, the canisters?? I love the pears and the ornaments. This picture makes me want sit at this table and share a cup a tea with friends. (It also makes me think I should start painting some of my pine pieces black.)

Annette Hus
Another room I adore! I especially like the wreaths on every chair. A simple tree with small lights and homemade linen ornaments. (A tip: make sure you hot glue some linen or cloth to the backs of the wreaths so you do not have sap and dirt on your chairs later.)

Magdalenas Hem

Magdalenas Hem
A simple spray of white paint or spray snow transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.
Magdalenas Hem
Is this bark or linen? Either way, with the branches and the berries it had a wonderful unusual texture and makes a unique wreath.


Two more white wreaths-both simple and beautiful.

Camilla at Home
Finally - a sweet vignette that you can do anywhere in your home. Just find a small chair, add a tray or plate with candles and some greenery and at tiny wreath - viola !

Simple, lovely decorations to lift your spirit!