Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Almost Time...

A sneak peek of what's coming to our space at Faded Elegance next week...

Our theme is 'A Bewitching Autumn Retreat in New Orleans'

We know you'll love this 'elegantly decrepit' collection!

(In the meantime, get in there and take advantage of some recent markdowns - we need to sell the existing theme so we can bring this new stuff in!!!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful, Wonderful!

The Faded Elegance Grand Opening Celebration was SUCH a success! These women - Kimberly, Mari, and Shannon - along with Dee and Mary (not pictured) worked their lil' tails off to put on a marvelous event on Friday night. A nod should go to Kim's hubby, as well as her sister Stacy & fiance', for their hard work in making the night run smoothly.

So many darling people came - customers, family, friends, and local business neighbors. What a great turnout, a marvelous mood, and a fun evening to get things started off right! It never hurts to offer great food & sparkling wine, and a discount for shoppers to bring 'em in - but truly, the guests who came Friday night were more about celebrating this new location with Kimberly than anything else. And she deserves it, let me tell you...the gal has been burning the proverbial candle at both ends for months now, in preparation for the move here and then this event. Kim promotes the store so well, and really looks out for the best interests of all of her vendors. She also has a generosity that extends to the community - promoting town events and working with other businesses is just second nature to her. That says so much about her business ethic. It can be rare to have women behave this way in business, unfortunately, so I am MOST pleased to be affiliated with this particular store in town. Applause for Kimberly!

That comment up above is not to say the guests just dropped by to say Congrats and didn't shop....oh LORDY, they shopped!!!! It was crazy all night, with Mari, Mary, Shannon, and Kimberly moving at warp speed behind the register counter! The checkout line was winding out the front door at one point. I took this (only) photo of our corner of the store at 6:15. After that, the entire store was filled to capacity and I couldn't even get back there or upstairs!

Thank you to everyone who came, and who shopped in our space. I hope you love your treasures! And thank you, Kimberly, for being such an incredible woman. You ARE the Queen!

Friday, September 19, 2008

OK, We're Ready...I Think....

We have to be ready, because there is no way that even one more item could fit into our space!
Last night, we spent some quality time in the store, rearranging and visiting with other dealers. What fun! We loaded in some new furniture just for this event. LOVE the sweet bed above...

Another collaged table (and this adorable wicker doll carriage)
Some Vintage luggage, collaged

A Hall mirror/table combo (yes, I thought about keeping this!)
There are still a few other collaged items left - this is it, so get them now! My next series will be very different, to coordinate with our next design theme. (Nope, not even a hint! But there will be a sneak peek photo in the booth tonight....)

Accessories load up every nook and cranny...

Sometimes it's just a simple touch that really makes the item special, isn't it?

Just in case you don't believe me, I tried to capture the wealth of riches in the booth right now. It's impossible! You have to be there to see it all, to poke into corners and peek under shelves to unearth that 'something special' you didn't even know you were looking for...

It's a treasure hunt! But then, all the best flea markets are!

I hope I see you tonight at the Grand Opening Celebration..I'll be the one behind the camera all night, getting lots of photos for the Faded Elegance blog!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming Soon...

More collaged accessories and a beautiful bed!

Embellished bottles

Vintage NeSts (a Deb original!)

Rusty metal mesh cones with fall flora

Girl stuff, desk stuff, house stuff...

...and many more sparkly, rusty, worn, shabby, and inspiring vintage delights. They'll be in our space for the Grand Opening Festivities on Friday - Don't miss it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Big News at Faded Elegance

Is having a Grand Opening Celebration!
Here's the scoop:

Friday, September 19th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
*Receive a 20% 'after hours discount' off your purchases
*Join us for hors d'oveures and bubbly
*Enter drawing to win wonderful giveaways throughout the evening

Saturday September 20 & Sunday September 21
*Stop in during regular business hours for more fabulous drawings and refreshments

Faded Elegance
Antiques . Garden . Home Decor . Gifts
1116 First Street, Snohomish 360.568.5333

Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sundays 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

...and even more good news: Faded Elegance now has a Blog!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attic Transformation!

What to do with that unused attic space? Here is a space that Lyman Perry Architects have transformed into an owners retreat. In the third floor attic space, they have created a den that resembles a yacht's cabin. Above is the staircase entering to the new retreat- it gives you at hint at what might be above. I love the rope handrail and varnished nautical woodwork.Built into one dormer is a day bed with chart storage space below. What a great use of under bed storage space. Notice the teak floors resembling a boat hull.

An instrumentation panel hangs near the helmsman's desk, whose bookshelves utilize the nautical details preventing falling books as the boat tosses at sea. The final touch of a light hatch in the ceiling completes the scene, creating the experience of spying views of the port from the sea.
All photos Lyman Perry Architects

A wonderfully creative use of an attic! And, all the small details really add the the authentic feel. Lyman Perry Architects - Artists at work!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall Retreat is Here!

Well, Labor Day is over, the kids are back in school, and it's time to start nesting!
We've brought in some wonderful items to decorate your home for Autumn.... rusty metals, vibrant leaves, glowing wood, and gleaming gold.

Our space at Faded Elegance is overloaded with more wonderful finds in a French mood, displayed as at a French Flea Market. Furniture piled high and nooks filled with laces, lights, candleabra, art, books, paper ephemera, and more.

Since the collage art is proving to be a favorite, I've created a few unusual pieces for you...vintage wood ironing boards! Painted and collaged, then sealed with clear lacquer, these are lovely functional art pieces that can also be used as a simple serving bar! (I saw that idea in a magazine recently. What a great way to serve wine on the patio on a warm autumn evening....) I take care to add great details to these - the dimensional trompe l'oeil effect is remarkable, making each antique paper look as if it is resting lightly on the surface.

I also collaged a couple of lampshades - note that the bottom shade is sitting on a candlestick, it is not a lamp. Shades are sold separately.

I discovered some fabulous 'stone' urns and a pedestal, very French and very lovely. Imagine them filled with tall grasses, and pumpkins mounded all around them on your front porch! These could be decorated for every season.

I have requests for more collaged tables... workin' on it!!! We are also working on some marvelous furniture & accessories in black for late September / October. You should see the chandeliers!!! ;0)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let There Be Light!

We sem to be doing a good job of finding the kinds of lamps that people want - we keep selling out! When inspiration hits, I make funky custom shades and Mr. Bob makes funky custom lamps. Some really great ones are in the works for our next display!

Last week we finally got the armoire into the booth. It is a smallish one, but a tv or computer will fit nicely inside (adjustable shelves). Of course it would be a lovely linen chest or clothing storage piece, too. Bob built this out of reclaimed lumber & mouldings, and a sparkly pair of crystal doorknobs! Next to it you can see a gorgeous shade on a post lamp, along with a few other new lamps we put in.

When I 'rescued' this lamp from its hiding place on a back shelf in an old thrift shop, it was in what I'd term the perfect state of shabbiness. Mr. Bob had other ideas and suggested - strongly - that I paint it. So, I did, but I painted it to look worn. Which is really confusing....the lamp is too worn and shabby, so paint it to look like new...worn and shabby....???? I love it tho, and I almost kept that shade for myself. It's just the perfect color of cocoa in the tin, ya know?

Big old wood balustrade made into a lamp. Bob hates this thing. It was painted all shiny white gloss when I found it, with an ugly drum shade that was three sizes too big. Dumped the shade, painted her up with three shades of white & cream flat paint, scuffed her a bit, and popped on a very retro shade that somehow looks contemporary on this lamp. Badda bing. I almost kept this one too - except for that voodoo look he gave me when I suggested it. So into the booth it went. (BTW, I just saw a lamp like this one in a glossy home decor mag. It costs $459.00 and is mass-produced. Puh leeeeze.)

We found this French coatrack, but it was bleached out and dry as a bone. Into the workshop it went, and it came out stained, buffed, and beautiful. Sort of like going to the spa for a spray tan. Not that I do that, mind you. I just let the dust and dirt accumulate while I'm junkin', and it looks like a tan. ;0) This rack easily comes apart in three sections for transport, too!

Miss Mari called yesterday morning to let us know that both of the collage tables sold over the weekend. A mad rush ensued to create some more things to put into the booth. I'm heading in today with them and will post photos later. Thank you all so much for your continued patronage. We are thrilled at this response - you are keepin' us on our toes!