Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful, Wonderful!

The Faded Elegance Grand Opening Celebration was SUCH a success! These women - Kimberly, Mari, and Shannon - along with Dee and Mary (not pictured) worked their lil' tails off to put on a marvelous event on Friday night. A nod should go to Kim's hubby, as well as her sister Stacy & fiance', for their hard work in making the night run smoothly.

So many darling people came - customers, family, friends, and local business neighbors. What a great turnout, a marvelous mood, and a fun evening to get things started off right! It never hurts to offer great food & sparkling wine, and a discount for shoppers to bring 'em in - but truly, the guests who came Friday night were more about celebrating this new location with Kimberly than anything else. And she deserves it, let me tell you...the gal has been burning the proverbial candle at both ends for months now, in preparation for the move here and then this event. Kim promotes the store so well, and really looks out for the best interests of all of her vendors. She also has a generosity that extends to the community - promoting town events and working with other businesses is just second nature to her. That says so much about her business ethic. It can be rare to have women behave this way in business, unfortunately, so I am MOST pleased to be affiliated with this particular store in town. Applause for Kimberly!

That comment up above is not to say the guests just dropped by to say Congrats and didn't shop....oh LORDY, they shopped!!!! It was crazy all night, with Mari, Mary, Shannon, and Kimberly moving at warp speed behind the register counter! The checkout line was winding out the front door at one point. I took this (only) photo of our corner of the store at 6:15. After that, the entire store was filled to capacity and I couldn't even get back there or upstairs!

Thank you to everyone who came, and who shopped in our space. I hope you love your treasures! And thank you, Kimberly, for being such an incredible woman. You ARE the Queen!