Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Party Hat?

We stopped in to visit with Cindy at haley's cottage last week...
and oh, my , folks, you really should get in there and see how lovely the shoppe is! Her post-Holiday / winter-into-spring decor & displays will just perk you right up and inspire you to freshen up your homes.

We loved seeing one of our unique lampshades 'worn' by a mannequin - was this a New Years' Eve party hat, perhaps?!  It's whimsical and imaginative touches like this that add to the wonderful atmosphere of Cindy's shoppe. So easy to do this in your homes, as well... even the smallest changes can bring a big impact and a smile to your face every day. That's what decorating is supposed to be all about - making you happy in your rooms.

We are so blessed that Cindy has found our products to be complimentary to her style! {And while we were there, 'a little birdie' told us about some exciting news coming soon from haley's cottage, so stay tuned here for an update when it breaks!}