Sunday, January 10, 2010

PORCH Magazine

We finally remembered to order PORCH magazine's Fall 09 issue, and it arrived in the dark of night on Friday. (It was delivered to our neighbors by mistake, and they brought it to our door at about 8 PM) You'll find three photos of some of our Retreat small products on the top half of page 71, as part of a section with other photos of vendors at the FJS show. We share the page with some beautiful work by artist Michelle-Renee.

Again, many thanks to Miss Kimberly at Kimberly Taylor Images (and the charming Mimi Charmante blog) for sharing the lovely shots she took in our booth last October with the PORCH editors, and for adding our name to each photo {hugs}. Our appreciation also goes out to the editors of the magazine for deeming us worthy of inclusion.

We are so amazed by all of the incredible products, settings, shops, and shows in this issue - there is a LOT of talent out there in Junk Land! We are so honored to be included... thank you, PORCH!