Friday, January 1, 2010

Retreat Piano Bars

In June, 2009 at the Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane, Washington, Retreat debuted a show-stopping new piece of 'repurposed' furniture: A serving bar created from the carcass of a baby grand piano. Covered with a collage of vintage sheet & player piano music, this unique and original work of art immediately captured the attention of vendors, shoppers, and media.
A slide-out mirrored tray for serving drinks replaces the former keyboard.
A storage compartment for glassware , ice bucket, and liquor bottles was created in the location of the former hammer box. The harp & strings were removed from the rear of the case, and wine storage racks were added.
The bar can be displayed and used with the lid braced open, as shown here. With the lid closed, it serves as an ample serving table surface. Bar stools can easily be placed around the piano bar, as well.
The papers used in the piano collage are all original vintage & antique pieces, and their natural patina and color add distinction to the Piano Bar. As the centerpiece of a home, retail shop display, or event decor, this one of a kind Retreat creation is a perfect example of our design style and theory.

A second Piano Bar was created from a smaller frame,
this one with a simply elegant white finish.
All photos by Retreat
copyright 2009-10, all rights reserved. 
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