Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, My Pretties!

This is Witchie Poo. She's an altered photo that I dreamed up one day. As soon as I finished her, this tagline popped into my head: "Witches are really just Princesses with PMS!"

The girls below are altered, too....

'Blanche just couldn't seem to stay in step with the rest of the Witch's Broom Drill Team...'

'Gwendolyn had only one more dance to master to earn her hat!'

I made some fun stuff with the altered photos: Bingo card banners

Collages in cool frames

Bottled Witches, and two really cool crystal balls, too!
I've just marked all of the Witchie stuff down to 50% off, so get it while you can!
Note: These are one of a kind original artworks. Please do not copy, reproduce, borrow, or otherwise use these photos. Thank you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pink Pumpkins on Parade....

Saturday was the Pink Pumpkins for the Cure event to raise funds for breast cancer research. We did a fast two-hour load in & set up with product on hand and some goodies made especially for this show - like the pink chenille pumpkins, above. What do I mean by fast?

9:30 AM looked like this^
11:30 AM looked like this V

Whew!!! That includes hauling all of the furniture and bins of smalls up a flight of stairs, too! We filled the booth with lots of goodies for girls of all ages:

Lots of soft ivory & tan, gold, and pink

Vintage-look flowers and a great chandelier (wish we'd had electric!)
Some collaged items and embellished bottles, plus the brand new issue of Victoria magazine
More pink pumpkins, flowers, & collage items.

All of the vendors wore pink, with requisite pink bracelet and pink ribbon pin. The sun shone in the big windows of the century-old library building all day - it was gorgeous!

There will be some great shots up on the Faded Elegance blog within days, showing all the booths, vendors, and shoppers. It was a really great time and a worthy cause! If you came by, thank you so much for supporting Snohomish independent merchants and contributing to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! If you didn't make it, don't worry - not only will this event happen next year, there may be a spring event as well!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pink retreat

We will be participating in the 'Pink Pumpkins for the Cure' warehouse sale event, taking place this Saturday from noon to 4 PM at the old Snohomish Library building (now the Arts of Snohomish location). Admission is free with a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research, and all of the vendors have made a donation as our 'entry fee'.

Many antique dealers and shops are participating, offering a selection of products at deep discounts. What a great way to start your holiday shopping, have a fun day with friends, and contribute to a worthy cause - all at the same time!

What are we selling? A selection of items left over from the August - September 'Rue de Paris' Flea Market theme, including collaged art on furniture and accessories. All at discount! Most items will be 50% off, a few are 30% off, and some will be 70% off! I've also been creating a few items especially for this show...think pink is all I'm gonna' say!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

'A Bewitching Autumn in New Orleans'

Oh my...It was exhausting, it rained during our load-in last night, I was there for four hours today fluffing, and I wasn't sure it was all going to fit....but it did, it's finally IN there, it looks exactly as I pictured it, and we survived! Now I'm about to go collapse into bed to watch Betty & Greys. With chocolate. Enjoy the photos!

All images copyright DWK/KkD 2008. Reproduction prohibited.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Transitional Spaces

I have been crazy busy with my home renovations, so unfortunately my posts have been less frequent. Here are two wonderful transitional spaces from Banks Design Architecture. They are my inspiration to remind me of the light at the end of the tunnel.
In a few weeks time I will post some of my personal before and afters! Until then I'll be waiting for the dust to settle and the paint fumes to clear!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

National Attention for Retreat!

Some of you may not know this, but Deb of retreat is a public speaker, writer, and video host in addition to her design work & antique sales. Known as 'the Decorating & Display Diva', Deb contributes her experience & expertise to many retail industry publications. Last June, when we took retreat on the road to the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, Deb filmed six video segments.

The videos were for the Gift & Home Channel, a new 'online resource for retailers'. In them, Deb shares information that will help retailers create store displays that are unique, effective, and inspiring.

Footage was filmed in our 'Grandma's Garden retreat' booth for two of the six video segments - shots of Deb with the Emmy-award winning camera crew from Peak Productions in Spokane are shown above.

The video series is debuting this month on the Gift & Home Channel, as a part of their focus on visual merchandising & display. Three of the six videos are viewable now, and the newest to debut was shot entirely in our retreat booth. Several great shots of our logo appear, along with our products and many of Deb's great display techniques. Click here to view the segment.

We've been hearing from you that it's difficult to view the videos - so here's a shot at making it easier: We've created an account with GHC, and you can log right in and view Deb's videos. Click on the link provided above, then log in as 'retreat' and use password '123456'. That should get you in. One favor: When you have finished viewing the videos, please log out!!! You can, of course, set up your own account, and spend as much time there as you'd like...

A bit of 'behind the scenes' info: This segment was the first one Deb filmed - at 7 AM, before the show opened. The segment was shot in just two takes, plus some 'close-up' B roll footage, in fifteen minutes. Not bad for a gal running on just one cup of coffee! (The next two hours of filming were fueled by many more mochas and a few Vanilla Cokes, however...)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gray/Grey Dining Rooms

I have a new obsession with gray dining rooms, I love the elegant look - Gray is such a wonderful color. If done correctly it can be warm and elegant. Very often I see cream woodwork and one or two simple black accents; both help make the color pop. Here are a few of my favorites: Jane Showers & Associates

This dining room was designed by one of my favorite designers, Jane Showers and Associates. I love the how the ebony table anchors the space while all the other pieces in the room are light and airy. The huge mirror, which reflects the buffet across the room adds a layer of drama. The chandelier looks like it could be from Julie Neill Designs and the ceiling has a pearlized look. Lovely!
MLS Photo
This gray dining room is actually an illusion. It has black and white printed walls which gives an overall feeling of gray. Very chic. The striped chairs and traditional style table go beautifully with the more traditional style of the room. The art work adds the black accents. Hard to tell exactly, but perhaps antique architectural prints, framed in ebony. A crystal chandelier adds sparkle.

Here is a country inn - this gray reads a bit more blue to me. The cherry wood is good compliment. I also find the pinkish-creamy ceiling pretty but I do not like chandelier. It seems too informal and too small for the space.


This room really speaks to me. Here is a wonderful example of gray in a more austere room. The windows open to a spectacular view. Often the wrong color can compete with view. This gray is a perfect compliment to the outdoors - it actually enhances the view. The lighting adds the perfect accent of black with out overpowering the space. Add in the texture of the sisal rug, the simple lines of the furniture, the soft color palette of the upholstery, and viola! Perfect!