Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, My Pretties!

This is Witchie Poo. She's an altered photo that I dreamed up one day. As soon as I finished her, this tagline popped into my head: "Witches are really just Princesses with PMS!"

The girls below are altered, too....

'Blanche just couldn't seem to stay in step with the rest of the Witch's Broom Drill Team...'

'Gwendolyn had only one more dance to master to earn her hat!'

I made some fun stuff with the altered photos: Bingo card banners

Collages in cool frames

Bottled Witches, and two really cool crystal balls, too!
I've just marked all of the Witchie stuff down to 50% off, so get it while you can!
Note: These are one of a kind original artworks. Please do not copy, reproduce, borrow, or otherwise use these photos. Thank you.