Saturday, October 11, 2008

National Attention for Retreat!

Some of you may not know this, but Deb of retreat is a public speaker, writer, and video host in addition to her design work & antique sales. Known as 'the Decorating & Display Diva', Deb contributes her experience & expertise to many retail industry publications. Last June, when we took retreat on the road to the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, Deb filmed six video segments.

The videos were for the Gift & Home Channel, a new 'online resource for retailers'. In them, Deb shares information that will help retailers create store displays that are unique, effective, and inspiring.

Footage was filmed in our 'Grandma's Garden retreat' booth for two of the six video segments - shots of Deb with the Emmy-award winning camera crew from Peak Productions in Spokane are shown above.

The video series is debuting this month on the Gift & Home Channel, as a part of their focus on visual merchandising & display. Three of the six videos are viewable now, and the newest to debut was shot entirely in our retreat booth. Several great shots of our logo appear, along with our products and many of Deb's great display techniques. Click here to view the segment.

We've been hearing from you that it's difficult to view the videos - so here's a shot at making it easier: We've created an account with GHC, and you can log right in and view Deb's videos. Click on the link provided above, then log in as 'retreat' and use password '123456'. That should get you in. One favor: When you have finished viewing the videos, please log out!!! You can, of course, set up your own account, and spend as much time there as you'd like...

A bit of 'behind the scenes' info: This segment was the first one Deb filmed - at 7 AM, before the show opened. The segment was shot in just two takes, plus some 'close-up' B roll footage, in fifteen minutes. Not bad for a gal running on just one cup of coffee! (The next two hours of filming were fueled by many more mochas and a few Vanilla Cokes, however...)