Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let There Be Light!

We sem to be doing a good job of finding the kinds of lamps that people want - we keep selling out! When inspiration hits, I make funky custom shades and Mr. Bob makes funky custom lamps. Some really great ones are in the works for our next display!

Last week we finally got the armoire into the booth. It is a smallish one, but a tv or computer will fit nicely inside (adjustable shelves). Of course it would be a lovely linen chest or clothing storage piece, too. Bob built this out of reclaimed lumber & mouldings, and a sparkly pair of crystal doorknobs! Next to it you can see a gorgeous shade on a post lamp, along with a few other new lamps we put in.

When I 'rescued' this lamp from its hiding place on a back shelf in an old thrift shop, it was in what I'd term the perfect state of shabbiness. Mr. Bob had other ideas and suggested - strongly - that I paint it. So, I did, but I painted it to look worn. Which is really confusing....the lamp is too worn and shabby, so paint it to look like new...worn and shabby....???? I love it tho, and I almost kept that shade for myself. It's just the perfect color of cocoa in the tin, ya know?

Big old wood balustrade made into a lamp. Bob hates this thing. It was painted all shiny white gloss when I found it, with an ugly drum shade that was three sizes too big. Dumped the shade, painted her up with three shades of white & cream flat paint, scuffed her a bit, and popped on a very retro shade that somehow looks contemporary on this lamp. Badda bing. I almost kept this one too - except for that voodoo look he gave me when I suggested it. So into the booth it went. (BTW, I just saw a lamp like this one in a glossy home decor mag. It costs $459.00 and is mass-produced. Puh leeeeze.)

We found this French coatrack, but it was bleached out and dry as a bone. Into the workshop it went, and it came out stained, buffed, and beautiful. Sort of like going to the spa for a spray tan. Not that I do that, mind you. I just let the dust and dirt accumulate while I'm junkin', and it looks like a tan. ;0) This rack easily comes apart in three sections for transport, too!

Miss Mari called yesterday morning to let us know that both of the collage tables sold over the weekend. A mad rush ensued to create some more things to put into the booth. I'm heading in today with them and will post photos later. Thank you all so much for your continued patronage. We are thrilled at this response - you are keepin' us on our toes!