Monday, November 16, 2009

Mod Holiday: Retreat Style

So just to clear up any misunderstanding, I'm NOT decorating for Christmas already! The photos I'm sharing here are of our past Holiday celebrations, in our former home. I'm still in the planning-choosing-collecting mode for Christmas '09, and will get around to decorating after Thanksgiving. I'm a traditionalist that way, especially after 34 years in retail spent decorating Christmas trees on Halloween night!

Here's a peek at another of our Holiday decor schemes from the past: 

I decided to go a bit more contemporary than I usually do with my holiday decor one year. For me, who usually revels in excess, it was a HUGE challenge.But I was inspired by clean lines, chartreuse green, and the very hip 1960's. So I cued up some Dean Martin tunes, polished up Bob's collection of chrome martini decanters, and got started!

I filled the bowls and trays and glasses with SnoWonder,
one of my very favorite tricks as a display designer and photo stylist - it's a powder that you mix with water and voila! It becomes SNOW. As in cold, a bit wet, mushy, formable SNOW. I extol its virtues every chance I get.

Coming soon, yet another Holiday decor scheme we've enjoyed in the past...

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