Thursday, November 12, 2009

bamboo home concept and interior design

semi permanent bamboo home interior
bamboo home interior design

gazebo bamboo home
bamboo home photo

bamboo flooring design
bamboo flooring design

traditional bamboo home
bamboo home interior concept

For those of you who are interested in the concept of a bamboo house is certainly not difficult to choose. Bamboo house somewhat model variations, from traditional architecture bamboo house, a modern standards, as well as semi-permanent. Based on these variations, the use of bamboo can be so dominant, half, or just a sweetener in some corner of a particular section.

The use of bamboo in the concept of traditional house can crawl on all lines, starting structures, walls, ceilings, floors, to furniture. Characteristic of this traditional concept of using a roof-shaped bamboo houses on stilts.

For the walls, the concept of this building using bamboo matting made until several layers. It would make quite tightly to the wall of dust and air permeable.

At each connection the foundation, usually of bamboo artisans using fibers as the most appropriate fastener. But for the connection to the bamboo planks that do not function as a structure, not a soul mate roofed bamboo, rattan but because it looks more artistic.

The contents of the building, too often dominated by bamboo. Chair or sofa in the living room for example, can be taken from a bamboo structure with a diameter slightly larger.

Partitioning or dividing a room with other rooms can also use black bamboo. With a dark color, this partition is in sharp contrast after rattan tied with a lighter color, like beige or golden yellow. The cost for the traditional model berasitektur typical houses on stilts to reach Rp900 thousand per square meter

Modern Standard
Meanwhile, standard features of a bamboo house with tile roof and tiled. The foundation is not under the bamboo and covered with ceramic, but standing on the tiles with a cement foundation wrapped leg.

This standard design adopted by many cafes or restaurants in Jakarta or Bandung. As if making a house in the house, sometimes the concept is shaped like a gazebo processed to make its own space in the restaurant. Funds needed to build this standard model can reach 1, 5 million rupiah per square meter

Semi Permanent
Another case with semi-permanent bamboo house. Bottom wall could use brick, brick, or stone with a high time to reach one meter. Many restaurants sunda in Jakarta and several cities in West Java also uses this concept as the attraction of the building. Budget needed to build a bamboo house could reach $200 per square meter.

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