Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's Try This Again......

Somehow when I was taking final shots yesterday afternoon, I neglected to get the 'full shots' of the setup in our room. DUH. In my own defense, I was really, really tired! So we went back this morning and took a few - 
now you can see how our little 10 X 9 room shaped up for the Season:

It was a busy day at the shop for the Open House Block Party (see post below) and a lot of our vintage goodies sold (including our vintage-style tricycle!). So, if you see something that you like in these photos, get into Poppyseeds tomorrow or it might just be gone... 

The bed shown, by the way, is a regular twin size. It is set up as a 'short', as used in window displays and such.  The price of $125. is for the headboard & footboard only - they will attach to a standard metal bed frame (like the ones you get from Sleep Country when you buy a mattress.....) OR if you want to create a toddler bed, you can attach a few boards from Home Depot! ;0)

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