Friday, July 24, 2009

The Sea Queen

I made a few crowns in a new style for the BarnHouse show, using silver wire and seashells to evoke a beachy, summer mood that complimented our theme for the show. Tresa and her daughter visited us in our space on Saturday, and bought a few of them.Thursday, I received this sweet email from them:

Hi, Bob & Deb!
Bought 2 of your precious crowns at the BarnHouse and just had to share these pics - this is Seanna (pronounced Sea Anna) She just turned 4 and loves anything and everything mermaid. Her twin brother, Caleb, calls her the Mermaid Highness.
Thanks again - we can't wait to take our treasures to the beach for more pics.
Tresa and Seanna Collins

Tresa also sent along some photos of 'Her Mermaid Highness', modeling her very own Sea Queen tiara. I think we can safely say that this particular little princess is worthy of her title! What adorable poses!

Tresa, thank you SO much for sharing your sweet girl with us. It is a joy to see our creations being loved and enjoyed. (And I'm betting Seanna loves the pink polka dot parasol from Aleta as much as she loves the tiara from us!)