Friday, July 10, 2009

Inspiration & Evolution

Hi guys, it's Bob... thought you might like to see how a discarded piece of furniture turns into something special here at Retreat! This 60's cabinet/server, above, is one of the items we got from Beth Evans-Ramos earlier in the week. Deb & I stood and looked at it, trying to figure out how to make it into something with a more current look AND fit in with the theme we will have for you at BarnHouse next weekend. It took us a bit, but some spirited discussion and a serendipitous movement of the flag in our yard inspired us. And between the two of us, we finally came up with a game plan (it's fun when that happens!)... here's what we did:

Added a new top, made from some old T&G siding (also from Beth), and some moulding to trim it.
Made the legs a bit shorter, to remove the tapered ends. Added finials as feet.
Took the door and drawers and enhanced the 'board' effect. I deepened existing grooves and added a few to the drawers, to make this look like we had assembled it from miscellaneous parts. Added some old ceramic knobs, too. Then Deb did her magic with paintbrushes (using some paint that Beth was discarding!), and the result is..... (drum roll, please).....
Something that you, we, and Beth find it hard to believe is the same piece we started with!!! Pretty cool, huh?! Deb said we needed to share the story of its transformation because it looks like a brand new piece by Lane Furniture or something...but I disagree. I think our stuff is much more interesting than anything by Lane. Thanks, Beth, for providing the raw materials that became this one of a kind piece of furniture for someone to love!
Oh, and this beauty has friends! Lots more 'pieces with personality' for your home or summer beach house will be in our space at the BarnHouse Flea Market next Saturday.... right in the center of the barn, under the awning. Come see us!