Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Retreat Collections: Beach Cottage Retreat

Our theme for the BarnHouse Flea Market was 'Beach Cottage Retreat', and so we gathered materials, designed & created furnishings & decor accessories to inspire you to relive your summer vacation every day in your home. Now, that being said, I'm not advocating that you 'theme' your home decor like we theme a booth display in our 'over the top' fashion! But just as a jar of shells gathered on a beach will remind you of a wonderful trip, a table or chair or cabinet or lamp that expresses the cool, calm, relaxing feel of being in a beach cottage can bring peace to your soul and functional beauty to your rooms all year round. That is what all of our seasonal collections are designed to do.

Bob outdid himself with one of a kind designed tables, cabinets, and hall trees (which he calls 'Butler's Tables' but I have never seen a Butler anywhere around here....), plus reconditioned dressers, and chairs. Our pre-show photos of each design show the incredible details he puts into every piece:

We do have people at shows who see a table in our space, haul their hubby over, and say something along the lines of 'Oh, we can do that, it's just a door'. They could put some legs on a door, sure. What we know those people miss is that it's the attention to detail, quality of construction, and use of antique, vintage, and reclaimed materials paired with impeccable finishes that make Bob's furniture stand out above the rest: That table is, indeed, a vintage door. It's also a fabulously carved set of Eastlake legs that were missing parts and have been re-milled, plus some 1920's clamshell moulding with original paint to add depth and balance to the table's scale, all combined with excellent construction to last a lifetime. It's not a thrift shop find slapped with paint and glaze! He's a cabinet & furniture maker extraordinaire, and I just love seeing the amazing things he designs and creates. Judging from the responses at shows, so does everyone else!

Our home decor accesories, like signs, lamps, wall pegracks, chalkboards, and more, all coordinate with each of our color schemes and seasonal themes, so that even if you can't fit a table into your room or budget, (or car!), you can take a bit of our Retreat home with you.

And at shows, it all comes together to create a magical setting that transports you to another place and a favorite memory, where all you have to do is sit back & relax. Welcome to our Beach Cottage Retreat! More photos of our space next time.