Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Spy.....

We went to Mill Creek on Saturday, to visit Cindy's shop Haley's Cottage. Previous incarnations of this beautiful home decor emporium have been in Snohomish and Bellevue Square, and now it's located in Mill Creek Town Center, at 1502 Main Street.

While we were in the store, I spied this sweet cherub wearing one of my Junk Queen Crowns! Cindy bought quite a few things from us at Farm Chicks, and they are now available in her store.... the drum lampshade with the ruffled ribbon trim, a few lamps with music sheet collage shades.... what fun to see them here, awaiting a new home!

Isn't she charming?!

We went there to scope out the parking lot... no, no highjinks after dark are planned, no junk raids or dumpster diving! Cindy will be hosting a French Flea Market event in September, and we are participating in it. We wanted to get a look at the parking lot so Bob could plan his assault with the trailer for load-in on the morning of the event. We are talking a VERY early morning load in, so being prepared is important for his state of mind. Please plan on attending the Clock Tower French Flea Market on September 12 from 10 AM to 8 PM. Click the link in the sidebar, which will take you right to Cindy's blog for more info!