Monday, July 6, 2009

All Hail the Junk QUEEN

(Sorry, you actually can't 'click to look inside'! I snagged this photo from Amazon! But you CAN click below on the words 'The Salvage Studio' to order your own copy!)

Our new friend Beth Evans-Ramos, co-author of 'The Salvage Studio' book and junker extraordinaire, recently blogged that she was in major de-cluttering and cleanout mode in her home studio. My antennae went on high alert and I asked her if she had any ribbons in colors I am in need of right now...and if so, would she be interested in a swap? Her ribbons for one of my 'Junk Queen' crowns?! She jumped all over that idea and so today, we went to pick up the bag of ribbons and deliver her majesty's crown. (She looks FAB in it, BTW!) She protested that she is actually a Junk Princess, but I think she's the Queen. Read on to see why...

You see, not only did we get a bag of ribbons, but several boxes full of assorted other paper goodies. And an entire TRUCKLOAD of bits, pieces, parts, remnants, and unfinished project pieces that dear sweet Miss Beth was discarding! She led us out into the garage and showed us piles of goodies that she thought we'd love to take off her hands. Oh, was she right! Bob is in heaven, let me tell you! And that's just the first load......

This was such a kind and generous thing for her to do, and I just can't say enough about her spirit and her heart. She passes it off as saying that other people trusted her and gave her their treasures, so she is 'just' paying it forward by passing them on to us. Still, we are so thankful for this! These little bits will be transformed into new products...and the circle continues... which is one of the most amazing things about this 'industry' of antique/vintage/recycled/junk products!

Beth also gave us a tour of her beautiful home, which is the haven of personality and the million unique decor touches that you would expect from a woman as talented and creative as she is. I'm still drooling over the amount of 'junk' (and you all know that I DO use that term in its very best sense!) she has in that house - and all of it impeccably displayed and organized.

Beth says that 'junk' is her favorite four-letter word. After 'Free', of course! I agree! I also think she is one of the nicest most generous people I've ever met... thank you again, Your Highness!