Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Spy!

I was perusing Tamara's blog (Tamara reads my design blog) and ran across her lovely post about a romantic a day in Victoria, B.C. (It's a very romantic place!) She mentioned a shop that she had discovered there, and showed a few photos. I'm sharing it here because of that photo above ^.... that's one of Bob's original creations, and it's sitting outside of French Vanilla in Victoria, B.C.!
Owner Sheila came down to the lower 48 to shop at the Farm Chicks show, and that's where we met her. She purchased the bench, which Bob made from two Hitchcock chairs, and a few other items from us. It's nice to see where our creations end up!
BoldVisit the French Vanilla shop blog at:
Thank you to Tamara at Greenhouse Diaries for permission to use her photos here...