Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Gauntlet

Safe & Sound in Spokane, and we arrived to a nice surprise: the gates to the fairground were open and we were able to take our big trailer right in and park it. No dealing with it in the hotel parking lot! YAY! Along with others, the trailers have begun to assume the position... ready for tomorrow's battle. WHAT battle, you ask? The battle of man unloading junk so woman can make it look foofy in a booth! ;0)

Joy Bayer of Auntie Joy and her hubby are here - we saw them unloading beautiful, if not wilty, fresh peonies from their trailer - I am pretty sure that we saw the BarnHouse Boys' shiny new rig, parked by Cindy of Tarte's rig overflowing with rustiful beauties, and several other truck & trailer rigs have been spotted at Yokes Market, McDonalds, and here at our hotel. It's a junk invasion!!!!

The women are all giggling and smiling, and the men are all walking around with furrowed brows - already thinking about how they will unload those trailers tomorrow. In the heat. (I'll bet beer is in the plan....) And probably wondering how they let their women talk them into doing this. I know Bob will miss Jim, AKA 'The Man' of Heather & The Man Bullard. Last year those two guys had so much fun working hard and then sitting back and watching the mahem....

Our sweet friends Marybeth & Julie of Poppyseeds gave us a surprise 'going away gift' yesterday afternoon - Julie even personally delivered it to our house! They gave us a Mac's Lounge gift card and a journal to write about our Farm Chicks weekend. They said the gift card was so we could keep getting our fill of Sweet Tea!!!!! Ok, so, they know about our little vice... up to three trips a day to the Mickey D's in Stanwood to see Ruth and get iced cold sweet tea. uh huh. ANYWAY, how thoughtful is that of them?!

Darling girls, thank you SO much for thinking of us - and you'll be as perplexed as we are to find that not every McDonalds on the Eastern side of the state has Sweet Tea. I ordered some in Ellensburg and the guy looked at me like I had two heads: 'So, do you want me to like, put a lot of sugar in it for you or something?' But they DO have it in Spokane. Thank Heavens!

OK.... planning session, then the pool, then sleep, then up bright & early to go do battle!!!!! I'll share photos of our booth tomorrow night, I promise!