Friday, June 5, 2009

Starting Bell......

Waiting for 9 AM when the doors open.....

9:00 and three seconds later...... move in begins!

6 PM: some of the lights on, not all of the product in our booth. These are not 'beauty shots' like in magazines! Those come tomorrow morning when ALL of the finishing touches are on.

I know, I know - "Get to the BIG THING, Deb!" Drum Roll, please.................

Pretty Little Baby Grand 'Piano Bar', collaged with vintage music. Again, not the best shot of her, but I knew you'd want to see the 'Secret Weapon'!

She's absolutely stunning (and Bob added a spotlight on her after he took this shot - now she just glows!. Jaw-dropping amazing is what I'd call her. (And I have!) She measures 5 foot deep and 4' 10' wide. Not that big, really. With her top closed, she's a perfect 'standing bar' for entertaining. Open, it displays 15 bottles of wine in side-lying racks. More dealers stopped dead in their tracks today when they saw her, with looks that can only be described as incredulous. "Is that a......" they'd ask. Love it!

OK, more photos:

You can see a bit of the left rear of the booth in the piano photos - there's a black buffet, a three-tier table, two beautiful French style upholstered chairs, etc. This item is next to all of that. It's a hall tree, made from one half of a drop-leaf table attached to an old door, with a chalkboard panel and two hooks. Great for an entry hall, powder room, or even a small kitchen. I love the silhouette of the black Sheraton-style legs against the white door. We have two of these! We also have three old doors made into giant chalkboards, and three vintage schoolhouse chalkboards that are in metal frames & have wheels - 10' long and 4' high.

In the front, there will be a gorgeous display of special tiaras & crowns I have made from vintage materials. Aren't those sconces to die for? - the crystals are opal.

On the right side of the booth, a white French style table & chairs set, a black table with a gorgeous urn base, an ivory buffet (that WAS a vintage Victrola cabinet), a mirror and chandelier painted to look like zinc, and one of two sets of metal lockers we have.

I created a huge selection of collage art for this theme - wall art, embellished bottles & trays, card tables, lampshades, accent tables, the small dresser in front, chandelier crystals, and of course the piano. Vintage papers, pages, sheet & player piano music, and old illustrations all in creamy tones went into them......

Whew! Lots of work for months on this, but it's all coming together into the vision we imagined, so it's worth the many late nights and little bits of drama that have popped up. There is SO much product that isn't even shown in these photos... two white single pedestal tables, one white double pedestal table, a set of schoolhouse bentwood chairs, a few more upholstered pieces, a few more lamps with shades, the crowns & tiaras, and more. SO much more! I'll have final shots to share after tomorrow.

Oh, but I won't be posting tomorrow night. Sorry, but I know you'll understand. We've been invited to THE soiree of this event, and will be out partying with the always fun Barn People all night. At Chaps, Teri & Serena's fave restaurant. We can't say no, can we?!!!!!! Of course not!