Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh Sweet BeJeebers.....

WeLLLLLL we had plans to share some lovely photos of booths and products and people from the Farm Chicks show.... but apparently Blogger and Picasa have other ideas. I'm getting messages on all of my blogs that I 'have exceeded my photo storage quota' and may not upload even one more photo until I PAY for more storage. Even tho this blog has been in existence for several years less than my 'regular' blog, and that means there is no way I have as many photos on here as I do on that one. Seems fishy to me, and Blogger has been having some other serious issues lately. NOT happy. sigh.

But as important as a blog post is, this Chick is too exhausted from the show, the drive, the physical labor, and now the pain of a torn ligament (or something equally as excruciating) to try and deal with a Blogger issue right now. I have to prepare a space plan for our booth and handout notes for my seminar at this coming weekend's show in Puyallup. Have a great day!