Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home At Last...

Dorothy said it best, "There is no place like home." It feels good to put down roots, dig in and call this spot in Topsham, Maine, home. This is my new Home Laboratory for Design, Gardening, Cooking and Entertaining. Our home is also where we work. I work in my studio painting, creating and keeping up with blog writing.

My partner, Neil, has his law office on the property as well. It is always interesting. People dropping by, walks to take, dinners to cook and plants to tend to. This place is filled with energy and life.

The inside of our Maine house is coming along. I have enjoyed the process of observing the light and how it shifts and moves during the seasons and day to day in this new Home Laboratory.
We have been noodling around with many projects since late Autumn. Painting, painting, and repairing. The furniture is in place, the art is hung, the orchids are growing and this house sparkles with happiness and light! A color palette has evolved, in the past several months, beautiful hues of gold and shady pale greens which is lovely paired with rich creams, natural wood and crisp whites. The windows let in much light and the trunks of the mature Elms and Pines with the gardens beyond are quite wonderful to look out onto. The leaves on the trees, plants and lawn are a brilliant green this time of year.

I have enjoyed studying this piece of land, creating paths where whole lawns used to be, planting herbs, vegetables and sunflowers. A magical woodland garden has emerged in the lower front area. When I am in this wooded and mossy wonder, it reminds me of walking on Monhegan Island in the Cathedral Woods.

When two people come together and set up a home, it can be a challenge. I am happy to report we have blended our stuff and lives together quite nicely. Our home is comfortable and reflects both of us, our interests, families, travels and the things we love best. Our home is happy, sunny and cozy. All is right with the world.

I have put together a slide-show of some of the rooms.