Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flyin' Home

Sooooo, let's time travel a bit here... back to last Monday morning. Exhausted after the Farm Chicks Show and beyond frustrated by a mistake-laden 6 AM wakeup call from the front desk on the one day we planned to sleep IN (note: Holiday Inn Express on Mission Street in Spokane leaves MUCH to be desired in the intelligence and service departments. If a hotel MANAGER used the phrase 'Oh, sorry, MY BAD' while excusing her behavior, you'd think so too.), we began our trip West. An hour or so into it (maybe more, it's all a blur now) we spy this caravan ahead of us..... and as we inch closer, I see the sassy name on the trailer above. I am intrigued and think 'Could it be...?'

The moment this one comes into view, I am certain.

Yup. It's them! The Sisters On The Fly Cowgirl Caravan, all lovely gals even tho their trailers are the bonafide celebs! (I took more photos of the four cute trailers and now I can't find them...?) What fun to see the girls jauntily traveling along. They even smiled and waved when I held up the Farm Chicks poster in my passenger window!

A few more miles down the highway, we saw this guy:

Mmmmmmm, yeah..... those are empty wine barrels. If they had been full, I'd bet the SOTF woulda' been right behind him!!!!!!! (The barrels were so precariously tied on that truck that it made me nervous just to be parked next to it at the rest stop. Yipes!)

In related news, I'm readying photos of my Junk Queen Crowns & Tiaras, which debuted at the Farm Chicks show, for submission to Somerset Magazines. Cross your fingers for me!