Friday, June 19, 2009

Retreat isToo Hip!

This morning I was surfing some of my favorite blogs, and one of them is Danny Seo's 'Daily Danny'. He's a nationally known 'Green Living Expert' (formerly of Country Home magazine, been in lots of TV appearances and magazine articles, and has written a few books) and shares lots of great ideas for recycling, reusing, etc. on his blog. On Wednesday, he shared a post on collage/decopauge:

You're gonna' LOVE the material he featured!!! ;0) Want a hint? I sent him a link to our piano bar photo. You see, underneath all of the sheet music, and visible on many parts of the piano bar, is a TON of player piano roll music. A TON. Considering I've been doing collage & decopauge with this material for the past year, I'm ahead of the trend, my friends!!!!!!