Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What an elegant, swellegant party this is!

Do you know that song? Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sang it in the film 'High Society'. That song starts ringing in my head every time I step into this shop! Haley's Cottage is a beautiful shop filled with gorgeous goodies for home, fashion, gifts and more. I always love going in and seeing the marvelous finds and new products that owner Cindy discovers on her shopping excursions... it's also fun to see some of our products on display in her store! Cindy is a confessed 'lamp-o-holic' and has the most incredible selection of wonderful, unique lamps & shades... several of them are from our Retreat Collections. Her displays are elegant and inspiring - take a look at this one in the front of the store:

Black, white, chocolate brown, and Tiffany blue... absolutely SWELLegant! For an oh-so-classy Halloween party, just replace the blue with orange. sigh. And, um, what is that peeking into the corner of the photo? Is it.... why, yes, it is!

We are proud to have our original creation, the white Piano Bar, on display in the store. She's an excellent addition to the swanky decor across the way at the front entry, don't you think? I could just move in, turn on some swingin' 50's tunes, pour myself a martini, and recline on that cushy black sofa........ahhhhhhhhh......

I didn't know what Cindy's choice of location for the Piano Bar would be until we arrived with it this morning... but knowing her store's style, I printed up the information about the piece on this black & white damask-bordered paper. Imagine my smile as I saw that black & white decor right next to the Piano Bar's location! I love it when things come together like that. Serendipity.

We hope you'll join us on Saturday for the French Flea Market at Haley's Cottage - see the post below this for info. (We'll have the collaged Piano Bar - this one's sister - in our space!)

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