Monday, September 21, 2009

Foofy French SoFa Deja Vu!

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A week ago, we included this b.e.a.utimous French-style vintage sofa in our offerings at the French Flea Market. (see more photos in the post below). She was admired, whispered about, and then purchased - by a very sweet lady. Others sighed in defeat as they saw the sold sign, and then watched her leave. Well, through a very serendipitous and convoluted series of events, this suave and stylish vintage sofa is now AVAILABLE again!!!!!

Here's what happened (in a nutshell):
She went home with Miss V. But didn't quite fit. So, Miss V put her on Craigslist. MaryBeth saw the ad, told me about it, and asked if I wanted it back. I have NO WHERE to store it, so I said no. Then MB asked if it was OK with me if she got the sofa and put it in her shop. I said yes, she did, and it's at Poppyseeds now! A very special girl, Miss A, admired the sofa at the show, so I told MB that she might still want it. MB emailed Miss A to tell her it's in the store. If Miss A doesn't come get it quick, she can be all yours! ** Miss A posted on her blog Thursday that she's going to let this one go.... so if you've been drooling over her, miss Sofa can be yours!**

As a matter of fact, we are rearranging furniture tomorrow morning to make miss sofa the star in the front room, along with a plethora of fun fall & Halloween decor!

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