Friday, September 25, 2009

The Sofa Saga (or 'How the Sofa Sits'....)

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...Another update: Miss A has decided not to adopt Miss Foofy SoFa, soooooooo that means she's still awaiting the perfect family. For now, she is the undisputed star of the show at Poppyseeds in Stanwood, reigning over the front room in all her faded shabby French-style glory. With all new fall decor in the space, it looks ready for a swanky party at the drop of a hat!

Speaking of hats.... I created this custom 'Halloween Queen' Crown to go on a black witches hat. It tops a mannequin dressed in tattered finery - the perfect hostess for the party, And yes, the hat with crown, the mannequin, and her 'costume' are all for sale. ;0)

On Wednesday, we took some time off and headed out on a ferry into the San Juan Islands. It was a perfect sunny warm Indian Summer day, and we hoped to see an Orca or two as we made the trip.

Not five minutes out of the Anacortes ferry dock, the ferry slowed to a stop and we saw those playful fellows in the photo above. And twenty of their friends, too - what we saw was a 'SuperPod' of Orcas from the local J & K pods. Just frolicking and breaching and spyhopping and fluking - right alongside the ferry. To say we were awed and amazed is an understatement! We enjoy a lot of wildlife on our island overlooking the Saratoga Passage, but this was more than we could ever hope for. The ferry staff said this was a highly unusual sighting. Yeah, um..... never underestimate the Universe!!! Miracles happen every day!

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