Monday, September 14, 2009

The Wheels On the Bus Go 'Round and 'Round...

Timi took her fabulous Junk Bus on its maiden journey on Saturday, down to the BarnHouse Show! As part of the festivities, she doled out treats, swag, and prizes as they rolled down the road. We donated one of our original 'Junk Queen Crowns' for the giveaway, packaged up all swanky with a tag that gave it instant 'provenance'...

Norma was the lucky winner of the crown, and we think she looks quite regal in it... don't you?! We hope you love it, Norma!

Timi will be heading down the highway again next month, taking a sleek chartered bus (don't let the logo photo up there fool you - it's not an old truck!) to many other shows in the Northwest! Be on it for a roarin' good time! Check her website for info. We'll be donating another special original Retreat creation for other trips, too.

Photo Credit: 'Come Junk With Us!'

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