Friday, January 16, 2009

On A French Roll!

For February's theme, I am inspired by french general and the flirtatious French Style of it's proprietress & creative designer, Kaari Meng. Here's Kaari and the cover of just one of her books, 'Home Sewn'.

Kaari was also recently profiled in the new Stampington magazine, 'Where Women Create' - and a shot of her studio even made the cover! (PS: a new one comes out on February 2nd!)

Her design aesthetic is soft, feminine, and vintage - yet her penchant for combining vibrant reds with creamy whites and warm tans has a decidedly rustic, farmhouse quality to it. These qualities made me think of a cozy little cottage in winter, inviting you in, making you feel welcome, and making you forget that it's fffffrrrreeeeeeeeezing outside. (And whether you are in Washington, Chicago, Minnesota, or Alaska, that's a good thing!)

All that inspiration led to the creation of items to foof up the creamy white & ivory softness of our space at Poppyseeds, turning it into a little french pouffe of a are a few:

A custom lampshade, with vintage ribbons & french ticking fabric
Vintage sheet music (all with 'love' as a subject!) paper packs

Velvet heart keepsake boxes with vintage velvet roses

More french ticking fabrics, in pillowcovers

Some vintage pierced metal heart earrings, and a button heart pin

And loads of red, red roses to warm the place up!
It really made a big difference in the room - and Julie says she loves looking at it all day while she's at the register! Sometimes, even small changes or additions can be just what a room needs. Pop on in and see all of the wonderful Valentine's Day gift ideas and winter decor at Poppyseeds!

If you love this look, please do check out Kaari's website, blog, and product line at Photo of Kaari from her website.