Saturday, January 10, 2009

Basic design home decor

The decor is completed with an odd mix stuff blending antiques, Spanish style, and modern design. Every flat surface has an ashtray somewhere. In fact, a floor lamp may even have an ashtray built in.

Moving to the dining room, this is a rather simple affair with a long table and chairs, and a serving buffet, hutch, or sideboard. In the dining room, as the living room, you'll notice colors you don't see any, aqua, turquoise, bright green, or perhaps a host of bright earth-tones. Window treatments are extremely simple, although the patterns might be complex.

typical layout of the formal living area for a split level circa 1965

The kitchen completes this floor, and is the hub of the household. It has entries to both the living room and dining room; the living room entry is probably adjacent to the stairs leading down to the den and garage. The back door is also in the kitchen, it might be a dutch door. You might also see a large handbell nearby -- useful for calling the children from neighboring yards at dinner time. Decor is simple; a metal table with a formica top. Countertops are also formica with a bright metal band around the edge. Wallpaper has a "theme" look, definitely pictorial, maybe a "Spirit of '76" or possibly picking up on the theme downstairs in the family den. The floor is vinyl tile or perhaps hardwood.

Below: Same typical split circa 1965. This one shows the more common house with no fireplace.

typical layout of the formal living area for a split level circa 1965 in home without fireplace