Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally! Photos!

Dear Mr. Bob worked miracles somehow, and now my computer recognizes the camera again! So I can download photos and then upload them to Blogger. (I am wondering how exactly the computer managed to 'forget' the camera that it's been recognizing for over two years now? The camera didn't lose weight, it doesn't have a new hairstyle or color or a made-over wardobe. It's name is the same. Maybe the computer is senile? I dunno'. It just confounds me.)

With that lil' problem solved, let me show you the three new pieces that are now in our Faded Elegance space... Above are two tables. The black one has a lovely urn-shaped pedestal, the white one has a set of sweeping legs and a turned crossbar. Can you see either of those? No, because I didn't get down low enough to capture them in the photos - and didn't realize that until three minutes ago when they uploaded here. sigh. (Maybe I am senile?)

This is a lovely solid hardwood desk, with nice deep drawers, a leather insert on top, AND a finished back - you can see a glimpse of that in the mirror. The hardware is original and is a warm aged bronze color - not quite gold, not quite copper. One lower drawer is deep enough for files. In one top drawer, there is the original maker's plate:

(That is not a paint smudge on the drawer interior, it is a reflection of light from the chandelier overhead!)

I forgot to mention in my last post that since the sweet cherub lamp sold, I created another one-of-a-kind custom ribbon shade in pink, using my stash of vintage ribbons & millinery trims. It works perfectly on this stunning and unique lamp, made from a stair balustrade.

The look of the shade can be changed, too - gather up your own antique & vintage ribbons & trims, and replace the pink ones (I just tie them on, so you can do this) - you'll have a lamp that can change with every season! I love creative lampshades, and have some really amazing ones in process for our upcoming spring theme. But you'll have to wait to see those!