Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Long and Winding Road...

...that led us to this place on Earth and in our lives has been quite a journey. Thirty years in the making. (Amazingly, our farm was built in 1979. The year that Bob and I started dating. Coincidence? Nah.) At times it has moved quickly, other times it creeps along, and sometimes it doesn't look like it is moving forward at all. Or even seems like things are sliding backwards. (We really hate those times.) We are action people - planners, creators, do-ers. We don't sit still for too long. Ideas are constantly swirling around in our heads and hearts and conversations. New ideas. Big ideas. Crazy-to-anyone-else ideas.

Since the day we first saw this place, we've seen the big picture. Doesn't scare us in the least to take an idea all the way to its greatest possibility. We did, and planned for that achievement. Of course, we'd love to jump from point A to point B,C,D, and E and be in the daily running of our business at that level! But it's all of the smaller steps along the way to that big goal - the ones that we are learning to take each day - that are spurring remarkable growth within us.
We have an incredible resource here - and yet our ability to access and use it ALL right now is limited. We know our goal. Everyday we stand in the physical space and envision the whole thing unfolding, but we can't access or prepare the barn and fields for it just yet. That can be frustrating! Some days, it can be downright depressing, to be truthful.

Today, things changed. From out of the blue, we overcame that inertia and hatched a plan to use PART of it until we can use ALL of it. We feel energized and excited about this new, heretofore unseen, opportunity to move our vision-dream-goal one step further along the path to reality. We CAN start small, and let that energy build to help us reach our larger goals. And before you know it, we'll be announcing the big stuff and flying from point A to points we haven't even imagined yet. So stay tuned. We'll soon be announcing some fun things from Retreat that will be comin' up in November! (This big guy?....well......some REALLY fun things are going to happen in there, but not quite yet.....then again, tomorrow it may all break loose and be possible! )

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