Saturday, October 10, 2009


Our booth is finished and filled with a plethora of fabulous finds, ready for tomorrow's Sand Point Antique & Design Market in Seattle. What's in store for you? Take a peek...
A certain stunning and infamous collaged Piano Bar
Fall Decor Accessories (including the King & His Queen....)
Vintage & Vintage Style lighting
'Sweet Sweater Pumpkins'
A fabulous Farm Table, Cabinet, and two arm chairs in a beachy finish...(Oh, yeah...... Miss Foofy Sofa is here, too. ;0) )

Beth & Lisa, the Salvage Studio girls (famous local authors!) are here, Linda of Luluz is here, even Cindy the Queen of Tarte (And have you seen the feature article on her home in the new Romantic Country mag?!) is here - and so many more FAB.u.lous dealers with amazing goodies. Let the guys watch the 'Hawks game tomorrow, just get yourselves and your girlfriends down here!!!

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