Monday, October 5, 2009

Bedroom designs

Spalnyata most intimate place in any home. There are happy vacation, and senses our best relax after hard day.

The need for luxury and comfort, combined with convenience is neleka task.

The aim is: to adjust the bed so that it fits every fad.

The conditions are: it can satisfy the need for complete relaxation and awakening charge.

The goal is: to meet each new day full of energy from healthy sleep and stylish friendly atmosphere.Bedroom


The bedroom is our personal space, because there can relax the best, and as a bare body and soul and be rid of accumulated tension during the day. So it should not be deprived of the legal pamper us. Yes. Why can not we help her?


More and more fine decisions are indicative of the bedroom. The human imagination is irresistible when it comes to feel special in the most special of all rooms in the house.

Photos: Furniture salons VARANO 1. Set RIMINY 2.Spalnya TIFFANY 3. Bedroom NATALY


In search of comfort and healthy sleep, more new technologies into the PRODUCTION of mattresses. Viskoelastichnata high quality materials such as foam with "memory" are the latest innovation. Anatomical and contributing to a truly healthy sleep, mattresses are no longer what they were.


Photos: 1. Matratsi Dormeo of "Studio Moderna" 2. Mattress Dormeo Talalai 3. Matrak Dormeo Memory 4. Mattress Dormeo Classic 5. Mattress, "Anti-stress" of mattresses "LIFE" 6. Matrak "Comfort" from the mattresses "LIFE" 7 ". Viskobeybi - multi-bag" Viskobeybi with fillings of viskoelastichna foam with "memory" of mattresses "LIFE".

Now feel free to lie down. Good night! and Good morning!

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