Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunrise to Sunset, we are Retreat!

This was our view of the sunrise while driving off the Island on Sunday morning, heading to the show...

Completely unretouched photo. The sky really was this color!

Here's a shot of the booth setup with the canvas rug added - does a MUCH better job of showing off the cute black folding chairs, don't you think?! (Two of them sold)

We had such a great day! We saw so many of our friends, fellow dealers, shop owners, decorators & designers, even blog-ebrities (blog celebrities!). And you know, I'm a bad bad blogger - I didn't take one single photo of any of them. sigh. I really did have good intentions, but it was so BUSY. We sold a slew of stuff, including every lamp I had, save one! I am now Lampless in Seattle and have to get my rear in gear to create more for our next show in two weeks.

On our way home, this was the sunset. What a glorious day! Thanks to everyone who came out and said hello, made a purchase, brought a friend, or left a comment here on our blog. We appreciate you SO MUCH!

Now it's on to the next thing... re-set our room at Poppyseeds with a new fall look and prepare for the French Flea Market in Mill Creek! Be sure and click on the link in our sidebar for info on that one....

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