Friday, August 28, 2009

She's ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille.....

So, she's been to the 'spa' for some beauty treatments. Been pampered and polished. Been accessorized with swanky hooks and a foofy mirror...

Painted three shades of soft dove gray and whitewashed, drybrushed, and detailed to within an inch of my life to imitate years of age... yes, the kind of age that was present on her original red coat of paint! Irony, I guess.

She's ready for not only a close up, but the beauty shot:

You'd never guess this was the same red Butler's Table! Amazing what a marvelous application of paint can do for a piece. She's gone glam. Totally Jeanne d'Arc Danish Living style, don't you think?!

Oh, yeah, and that's her little sister standing next to her in the photo above. These two 'Butler's Tables' or 'Hall Trees' are just perfect for an entryway, hallway, stairwell.... back porch... front porch... store display..... (shall I go on?!) small kitchen that needs a spot for your morning cuppa'... powder room.... you get the picture!

She's loving the close ups, too... Do come and meet our beautiful girls on Sunday, won't you?! We can promise you more wonderful Retreat products and inspiration. And THAT's entertainment!
Sand Point Antique & Design Market
Sunday August 30th 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Warren G. Magnussen Park, Seattle / University District
Check their blog for info & maps

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