Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Seasonal Home, Retreat Style

Autumn Comfort
Winter Warmth

Spring Fresh
Summer Ease

We all want lovely, comfortable homes, with rooms we can live and make memories in. With our Retreat Collections, we love to create furnishings and accessories for your home that bring happy vacation memories into your daily living.... evoking the ease and relaxation of the mountain cabin, the farm, or the beach house. It's not about cost, it's about the feeling you surround yourself with.

The room pictured above is a perfect example of how our rooms and homes shift and evolve thoughout each year. Simple, subtle changes in color and accessories can make a dramatic difference in how a room feels, and how we live in it. Every season brings a new design scheme, refreshing the space and us with new energy. It doesn't take a lot of money or effort to get results like this - just imagination. And if you like that idea, have we got good news for you...

Now, in addition to our products, we will be offering residential seasonal decorating services. This service will launch in late June - just in time for you to enjoy your homes for the summer! By the time the kids are out of school and the temps have warmed up, you can have a newly-restyled room or two to set the stage for a memorable and relaxing vacation season. With the popularity of 'Staycations' (where instead of leaving on a trip, you stay home and relax), this is a great opportunity for you to get the most out of your precious time off.

You can have a whole new look and feel in your home easily and affordably, with our designer imaginations working overtime for you. We'll utilize our creative minds and styling insights to restyle your rooms with the same flair we use in our product displays and show setups. My years of design work for retailers all boil down to a philosophy of 'Fast, Cheap, and Easy' Design TM, which means getting maximum results immediately, and for minimum cost. With this service, your home can benefit from the tips & tricks of the trade that I have been using for over 30 years as an award-winning retail stylist & designer.

Just as in our product design, the concepts of recycling, reusing, redesigning, and reimagining existing furnishings and accessories will be the heart of our service. We can show you how to restyle rooms, rearrange furniture, repurpose items, and change it all up to create memorable spaces for living. A little bit of paint there, a combination of items you never thought of here, a shift of that from another room... and suddenly your home is refreshed, re-energized, and ready for new memories to be made within its comfortable spaces. The beauty of each season can be reflected in your home's decor with simple, cost-free changes.

 Our decorating services also include Holiday Decorating!
If you have a big family gathering or party coming up, and want to fit in extra tables & seating, or create a stunning showcase for your event, let us help you go all out - on a budget. I've designed holiday decor for some large corporate clients (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Hogue, and Columbia Wineries in Washington state) and residential settings, including the elegant homes of the Dean of the University of Washington Business School and a top Microsoft Executive. From large to small, creating beautiful holiday decor is about expressing the memories of the people who enjoy the space!

We can also forego the seasonal focus, and restyle your room to update it for everyday enjoyment. Is your room feeling a bit out of fashion? Perhaps you want a more mod vibe, or maybe a country cottage feel? Maybe your room just lacks 'WOW factor', and you'd like it to make a statement. With simple ideas, we can help you express your own style using what you already have.... you'll be amazed at how a room's personality can change with just a bit of rearranging.

We are all about making design available to anyone, on any budget. That's why our fees are so reasonable and our approach so accessible. Here's a comparison for you. For more information about our rates and scheduling process, or to request a decorating consultation, please contact us at We look forward to helping you create your own Retreat for living...