Friday, May 15, 2009

Cue Patsy Cline....'cause we must be CRAZY

Earlier today, we decided (quite spur-of-the-moment) that Retreat will be participating in the Swap Meet at Poppyseeds tomorrow! We had a lot of merchandise ready for a restock of our room inside the shop, and tho it was planned for a reset next week, we changed our minds. So, we went in tonight and totally restyled the room.
It's now all white, green and yellow and garden themed - very much like the look we had at Sand Point last month. (Shown in the photos above)

We took out the vintage red enamel & chrome diner table and red vintage kitchen cart shown above, a haul of the vintage linens, and a whole bunch of accessories.
On Saturday, we'll set up a space outside on the grass, and sell it all at some pretty stellar discounts! Yep, that cute little red chair will be on sale, along with the darling picnic basket under the table in the photo, vintage fruit, tins, some of my Garden NeSts, cute aprons, and a whole lot more!

So, come by Poppyseeds tomorrow to check out the new rooms, and grab some great deals out in the parking lot... and be sure to say hello, I'll be there all day! (The Swap Meet runs 10 to 4.)