Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fling...Finally!

Even on these cold, gray days, there are robins and chickadees and wrens and even a family of six mourning doves that perch in the still-bare branches of the trees on our farm and serenade us with beautiful songs. The trilling, warbling, melodic notes float through the air, bringing with them the hope that Spring is coming... both in the weather, and in our booth at Faded Elegance. Yes, we finally brought in new creations!

We've infused some pretty spring greens into the decor here, setting a scene for a garden-style Easter or Spring Solstice feast. The china is Noritake 'Maureen', from the 1960's, in soft mint green and white with silver edging and swirly white floral accents. We are offering these in single 5-piece placesettings only. Some beautiful etched bar glasses and goblets compliment them perfectly, and with a few small nests inside glass cups as favors, all presented on a green roll of player piano music (NFS), it's ready for a party!

You can just see the soft swirly white etching on the china here...

Since birdsong inspired this look, birds are a major design element. Using vintage music, wallpaper, crepe, and book pages, several collaged settings present a simple birdnest - handmade using natural elements. (These are not nests built by birds). It's the simple, sweet essence of springtime and new life...
The lamp isn't very old, really, but by turning the garden sphere into a 'cage' and adding moss, a nest, and a sweet vintage-look bird, topped off by a GORGEOUS handmade shade with vintage wallpaper, it's got vintage feel - and personality to boot. This won't last long so get in there if you want it!
The various nests are held inside vintage glass garden globes and a glass compote. Each one has its own special touches, and is a one-of-a-kind art creation by yours truly. I really love coming up with these!

There's a sweet green birdcage with a green metal stand, too, just in case you prefer your birds in cages instead of nests! There are more treasures to be discovered... please do come by and enjoy our version of Spring!