Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sand Point Sunday

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Sand Point this weekend to see us! We had a great time seeing friends, making new ones, and talking decorating & shows with our 'tribe'...

We had a lovely visit from Beth Evans-Ramos & Lisa Hildebrand from the Salvage Studio .... imagine, these two out shopping on a weekend, instead of having to work a store! ;0) They were having a blast, and everyone was thrilled to see them. And the photos Bob took of me with them didn't turn out at all. ;0(

Our booth neighbor was our Faded Elegance neighbor, Debi Burton of Ormolulu, and we had fun chatting all day (and sneaking our bird eggs under her rooster whenever she moved it in her booth!). Debi says she's glad we brought a radio to play jazz throughout the show...she's a music lover like me, who can't be without some happy tunes playing!

Thank you to my friend Lisa & her gal pal Irene for taking time to come visit us... Lisa is my former cohort at Columbia Winery and oh MY did we get into a lot of trouble together! We frequented the showrooms & gift show - She bought the merchandise, I displayed it. Since Lisa retired and I have ended my consultancy with Columbia, I don't see her very often. Irene came in one year and helped my crew with the Holiday product prep, so it was nice to see her again.

Mari, the sweet shopgirl from Faded Elegance , & her hubby Rick came by to shop, browse, and visit, and they arrived just as the sun came out! I've always said that Mari lights up a room.... now I have proof! ;0)
Debi Bock of Garden Party stopped by, too - she is such a ray of sunshine! Her cheerful smile is contagious, I tell ya'.

A couple of darling gals let us know they know us from our booth at Faded Elegance (thank you girls!) and others from this blog or my design blog (and Thank YOU, as well!). Always nice to meet new friends! The gentleman across the aisle from us heard some of these comments, and engaged Bob in conversation about how blogs make this possible. He got an earful!

We met Jermonne of BarnHouse Boys fame when he came over to introduce himself. My, what a charmer he is! Joe (the other half of Barnhouse Boys) was hard at work on the incredible booth setup so I didn't meet him until later. Let me tell you, these are two very talented young men. SO inspiring, and a great attitude to boot. No wonder they are so succesful!

I had to laugh when Cindy, the Queen of Tarte herself, came over and looked at me for a minute and then suddenly said 'I just figured out who you are! You changed your hair!!!!' I met Cindy last June at Farm Chicks, when I was filming videos for the Gift & Home Channel. (And I was a blonde then, thus her confusion!) Our booth location for Farm Chicks this June is catacorner from Cindy's, so I will get to watch her magical booth setting unfold. She's a master - um, mistress! - of display and I SO wish we could have included her booth in the video shoot last year - the producer was the one who chose the locations. pffft. (I also have to add that Cindy & the BH Boys are total PROS at load-out: I've never seen that much stuff packed into a trailer so fast in my life!)

We also met Kimberly Taylor, a charming young woman who came into our booth and with a practiced eye took in every detail.... then asked us if she could photograph it for a blog post. Of course we said yes! You can see her lovely shots of our booth on her blog, mimi charmante, and some she took of the Barnhouse/Tarte booth, as well. Beautiful shots, Kimberly! (I meant to get shots of BH & QoT.... but I was too busy)

I hope you've enjoyed the show, this very tired girl needs to get some sleep. It's been a crazy five days! Edited to add: I was so tired that I forgot some people when I originally posted this last night, and also forgot the linky love. Bad Deb! I fixed that...