Wednesday, July 2, 2008

retreat goes to Reno

A fitting holder for our business cards for the Tumbleweed Cotillion, yes?!

The sign above our booth...Rue de retreat. I can't even tell you how many times I was asked if it was for sale!!!!

Miss Foofy la Rue, all dressed up (or down, depending on how you look at it!) in her tattered French frippery, welcoming guests to our booth.

Oh yeah, our booth!
Even though it's not a style I have in my own home, I really had a fun time putting this French Flea Market 'story' together. The booth was loaded, packed, layered, and filled with tons of furniture, lamps, decorative accessories and...well, here, take a peek!

The right side and back....

The center back and left side back...

...and the left front side...

There was more, too! Outside, we had two displays of garden-style furniture to help Tracey foof the whole place up.

Okay, so now to the really important stuff:

THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Tumbleweed Cotillion!
Your attendance made the event a total success, and it was such a pleasure meeting you all. Several women said they'd been reading our blog for quite a while, so thank you! To the lovely girl who told me they came to the show all the way from Puyallup, Washington (which is about 30 miles South of Seattle), a very special thank you for your 'above and beyond' support. And Tracey had a gal tell her that she came from Los Angeles! WOW is all I can say.... and to our new blog readers, welcome!

To the lovely gals who were vendors at the show, (the Caroles, the Traceys, Marcia, Rebecca, Denise, and Chelise), it was such a treat meeting you and getting to know you. This was the very first show for some - and I saw so many beautiful creations made by women with beautiful spirits! What an uplifting experience to see women pursuing their passion this way. I wish you all the greatest success as you continue.

Ok, I'm off to keep working on the new booth, which will be installed at Faded Elegance's new building 'tomorrow morning. I'll share photos of that as soon as I can...