Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't Be Blue!

Just a heads-up that we are preparing the new August booth for installation, so the blue summer Beach House look is about to go buh-bye!
The robins' egg blue dropleaf table sold on Sunday, and we replaced it with a small ivory scallop-edge wood table (or desk!). It's ridiculously low priced at $40.00 so if you want it, get in there!

There are still some white & blue linens and aprons left, but not many. Only five blue glass mason jars left!

The vintage jewelry boxes and hats and beach totes are flyin' out the door, along with the vintage paper packs. The three remaining copies of Victoria magazine (July/August 2008 issue) are now $2.50 each. The blue 'lace front' small dresser is still available - for now! Come and get it while you can....

6 PM: ...and apparently someone read this post and hightailed it down there, 'cause the ivory scallop-edge table sold this morning!!!!! Oi VEY! I went down this afternoon and rearranged, setting up a 'mock bed' with the iron twin bed. We may be installing the new display sooner than expected if this keeps up!!!!