Friday, July 18, 2008

Faded Elegance Booth Update!

We went into Faded Elegance this afternoon and added some new items to our booth, rearranged a bit, and freshened it up for all of the coming week's festivities. If you look closely at the photo above, you'll see both main setups in it... and you'll see no armoire. Nope, it didn't get done this time around - Mr. Bob has been far too busy with his 'real' job!

To the robins' egg blue table, I added a few lamps. The small blue one is true vintage - all glass with a resin shade!

I also popped in some white glass urns, plates & compotes, and some cute little blue dessert or martini glasses - or maybe they are candleholders? A few blue glass mason jars are still here. too! I made two embellished bottles of beads & buttons, as well.
Then I made some paper packs - this time I did them in rolls, since I had some pretty vintage & new papers to use. I included some of the 1880's hymnal music I found, too, along with blue vintage lace and a seashell.

On the other side, Bob hung a white chandelier - it's ceramic & metal, all painted white, and has white shades with sparkly crystal beaded trim. WOW did it light up the corner! The scrolly mirror is back behind the table now - really adds to the light effect. (Looking at this photo, I need to add more twinkle lights under the table...looks like a black hole!)

Some new plaster urns and a bevy of white-painted baroque-style accents are in, too, as well as some beachy basket totes under the table. I hope the ladies who gather in Snohomish on Saturday for the 'Victoria meet-up' like it!

I really love this soft white-tan-cream beachy look, and actually had planned to put all this stuff into our Cottage for our summer decor. Nope! Mr. Bob was so taken with that black bar/Victrola cabinet that didn't sell in Reno that he talked me into re-decorating the house in black, tan, & white. So we did, and we both really like the kind of mod look it all has. Very different for us! (Then I added lime green to it...not so sure how he feels about that part...)

OK now, before you get all freaked out about me re-decorating the whole house each season, remember that we live in a 995 square foot 1924 bungalow, and it doesn't take much or very long to re-decorate it! ;0)