Saturday, December 12, 2009

Modular Bookcase - Elegant Bookshelfs

Modular Bookcase - Elegant Bookshelfs

Modular Bookcase

Modular Bookcase

I love the idea behind the River Modular Bookcase.

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The two image show off the just some of the options you have with this modular bookcase system.

Both images work so well in my opinion with and centre feature or a divider/side of room wave of a shape.

Simple yet dynamic design from the Italian designer brand Antonello Italia whom have an array of furnitrue from chairs to tables with a classical contemporary and modern feel. Clean and simple lines with a feeling of style.

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Check out the chairs, tables and

Living room Bookshelfs

Enam Shelf typical Swiss design.

The picture show the veritcal version with two elements but it can be extended indefinitely to find in space.

Made from solid oiled teak with a size of 145x34x193(h)cm offer and great storage unit size.

INCHfurniture is "devoted to wood, to design and to a different culture"

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