Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lounge Chair Furniture Gallery

Lounge Chair Furniture

Or it a chair ? a Chaise? a sun bed or a fish?

Luxury interior chairs

Light as a participant in decoration

Curtains Ideas and Pictures

The Premiere Fish is a great looking "chaise/chair" perfect for along side the pool or in garden.

Designed for Ego Paris is comes of course in an array of colours to suit your taste.

10 July 2009

Lounge Chairs

The Plateau Lounge Chair is designed by Erik Magnussen for the designer brand Engelbrechts.

Available with automatic return swivel or free turn.

Options include the chioce of differing materials for the seat and back + base to give extra icon style.

The idea behind the design is a hand.

The pictured verion is like a hand and a thumb with a feel of being held when seating in the chair.

Find out more about the Plateau Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair Furniture

Lounge Chairs Designs

Now and again I come accross some "concept" furniture which I wish was being produced and this Flow chair is one of them.

Hyperthesis visual lab have some great designs and ideas covering many areas but the flow is a "furniture" example..

The idea behind the design called Flow is to be simple and flulid of which it is.

How to take care of your wooden furniture

Modern Designs - Interior pictures

Living Room Furniture

The picture say is all really and could become a iconic design if taken up by a major brand.

Find out more here Flow chair

sday, 14 January 2009

Chair Designs

The ex.pilot armchair by Sphaus is name due to its look which is similar to a "jet cookpit"..

The wrap around shape is a classical design many armchair take but this design looks great.

Some similar armchair can look over the top or over designed but for me this works very well.

Perfect for a modern or contemporary study and minimalist living/dining room. This chair wouldn't look out of place with more tradtional furniture and many be used to split a area in a room into two parts..

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