Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New at Faded Elegance...

We've added a few new things to our space at Faded Elegance, just in time for the 'Girls Night In' event this weekend in the store....

There are some vintage paper rolls, with wallpaper, sheet music, old French book pages, vintage seam binding, and a crystal. Perfect for your scrapbook or collage art projects for Mother's Day!
There's this charming young lady, whom I call Bella because if I called her Drew you probably wouldn't get the movie reference. Right? (This painting was used as a 'portrait' of Drew Barrymore's character, Cinderella, at the end of the film 'Ever After'. That's your film trivia for today!). She's wearing a stunning pair of deep green & gold earrings & a necklace to match. The cool thing is, YOU can wear them, too! This is 'embellished art' - the vintage image has hooks that will hold the jewelry in place and allow you to remove it for wearing. Or perhaps MOM could!
We also added a few new furniture pieces. I love love love this table! She has cute little antique brass wheels and such feminine lines. She didn't start out this way, though... It started out looking like this:
Hmn, well, actually, not really. It started out with a flat top with a broken piecrust edge, and it was all just the wrong proportion. So Bob removed the edge, added a new tray edge using some old moulding from his stash, stained it to match, attached it, and then I got busy with paint. I just had to leave the tray top as it was - the graining is so gorgeous! Now she gleams with tres' French style, oui?
LOVE her!

This sweet little dresser is just perfect for baby's room! Or as a bedside table, maybe... or in an entryway, perhaps? Possibly a powder room?! I've also brought back the green china and the little bird creations that were in the booth before. I think they will make such sweet gifts for Mother's Day!