Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Le Fete de retreat

This month, our retreat finds us at a French Flea Market. Not one of the big ones, not Clignancourt or Les Puces, oh no...this one is tucked into a back alley in the midst of the decrepit part of old Paris. Known only by a select few, this hidden niche hoards a treasure worthy of a sultan or a king...and you can only find it by wandering the streets of Paris early of a Saturday morn, straining your ears to hear the sighs, whispers, and gasps that are evoked upon discovering the beauty within this tiny repository of earthly delights.

Or you can find us by visiting Faded Elegance Antiques in Snohomish!

Our booth has had a bit of a fashion makeover for the summer-into-fall transition, which is fitting for the French theme, non?!

The picket fence awning has been covered with canvas, giving the space the true feel of a French market stall. Packed with furniture in wood tones, tans, browns, and ivory, it is warm and welcoming and invites some deep exploration of nooks & crannies. Our destination is clearly defined by the sign, created from a plastic (yes! plastic!) candle arch and some handmade paper tags. I may be willing to part with this beauty come September... but not until then! Stay tuned!

As you saw in my past post, the collage art I created forms the basis of our theme and color scheme. You'll find a lampshade, several framed collages, some small collage cards, and the piece de resistance: A vintage wood folding table, covered with a collage of 1800's music, old lettres, post cards, and some new-but-look-very-old sepia photos of Paris.

Alas, this tres' magnifique table sold the moment I carried it in.
Yes, it's true - Mari is buying it for her daughter Chelsea. The sheet music I used in the collage is a symphony that Chelsea played in her (first?) piano recital, so mama just went all teary-eyed when she saw it and had to get it for her girl. Now I ask you, how can I be even a little bit sorry to see it leave the booth as soon as the photos are done when I know it is going to such a perfect home? I can't. And I'll get to see photos of it in Chelsea's new place, too!

A FABulous old French bistro coatrack, old suitcases, gilded bistro chairs, pastiche mirrors & frames, unique lights, beautiful linens & fabrics, vintage paper ephemera, old books, rusty cages & domes...ah, there is so much to see. You must come and visit us, oui! We'll listen to Madeliene Peyroux, drink caffe', and search out hidden treasure in this Rue de Paris retreat...

A special 'Hello' to the two lovely ladies who dropped by the booth this afternoon while Mr Deb & I were adding the big pastiche mirror (that I can't lift alone!). Thank you so much for coming by to see us - it's always fun to meet others who are in this big crazy antique-selling & shopping world!